See What Your Customers Are Seeing!

With FreshDMS,  you get a personal marketing expert with 10 years experience that will communicate with you continually and plan out your marketing strategies. We provide everything, doing what we do best, so that you can get back to what you do best.



How you want to brand your business

We research your business and your competition. We find out how you want your brand, who are your demographics and what your business goals are. Then, put the 5 steps into action.


Social Media

Creating and maintaining any and all your social media platforms. We develop engaging marketing content and post them daily. Through a database, we host existing customers and attract new ones daily.


Newsletter Emails

Now that we have a database of interested customers, we constantly inform them, through newsletter emails, of what’s going on with your business and get them through your door!



No other form of advertising or marketing can be tracked, but with digital marketing, everything is tracked. We provide, through email, an easy to read monthly trackable report of profitability. Proving, return on your investment.


Company Reputation Management

Bad reviews turn good customers to the competition. We handle all online rating sites and keep your business in the positive giving your business a chance at unbias new customers.


Web Design

We have a full range of web design services. Patient, professional we designers will help you understand and develop the perfect website for your business, at an incredibly fast delivery time. We also offer hosting and programming for your convenience.

“What in the World Wide Web, are your customers seeing?”

Fresh DMS started in Tampa Bay around 1996. We have worked with such clients as: Domino’s, Chick-Fil-A, Tampa Bay Lightning and many others, but 85% of our client base is the small to middle size companies. We are pros at impacting your business traffic flow. How? With a 5 step “plan of action.”